Pool Chemicals & Supplies

Routine, accurate maintenance can extend the life of your pool, and it only takes a few minutes a week. Regular maintenance should include skimming for debris, vacuuming the pool floor, checking the water and pH levels, and cleaning the filter.

Hot Tub Dealer Warren, PA

Hayward Pool Products

We recommend purchasing environmentally-responsible, cutting-edge hot tub, spa and swimming pool supplies by Hayward Pool Products. Their collection of products includes pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, sanitizers, lighting solutions, and more.

  • Pool Pumps are used to circulate water in the pool and to operate most of the other pool equipment.
  • Pool Filters remove dirt and debris from the pool water to ensure safe and clear water.
  • Pool Heaters are used to heat your pool to the perfect temperature, so you can enjoy your pool even on cooler days or nights.
  • Pool Sanitizers & Cleaners automatically sanitize and clean your pool water so it stays sparkling clean and perfectly clear and blue.
  • Pool Lighting creates a safe swimming environment when the sun goes down.

Stop by and we can help you get all the pool accessories, chemicals, and supplies you need to keep your pool clean and safe. Call (716) 338-4850 today if you have any questions about the products we have in stock!

Hot Tub Dealer Warren, PA
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